Explore the Sierra 1500 2.7L Engine


Explore the Sierra 1500 2.7L Engine

Great technology, high capability, and low fuel usage. The current powertrain intended exclusively for light duty pickup trucks is the all-new 2.7L Turbo 4-cylinder engine. The 2.7L Turbo 4-cylinder engine combines tried-and-true, cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional fuel economy and performance. See the benefits of the 2.7L engine here, and come test drive one for yourself here at Gus Brown in Whitby, Ontario.

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Power and Torque

With 310 horsepower at 5,600 RPM and 420 pound-feet of torque at 1,500 RPM, this engine packs a serious punch. It has Active Fuel Management, Direct Injection, Auto Start/Stop, Active Thermal Management, and a three-phase camshaft to differentiate itself from other 4-cylinder engines. The 2.7L Turbo engine comes exclusively with a GM eight-speed automatic transmission.

Towing Capacity

Despite the smaller engine, the 2.7L offers comparable towing capacity to the rest of the Sierra 1500 powertrains. A lighter engine allows for more towing and payload for this Sierra pickup. Towing capacity of up to 9,600 lbs, and payload capacity of up to 2,280 pounds, which is far more towing and payload capabilities than the typical truck buyer needs.

Fuel Efficiency

The 2.7L Turbo engine is more fuel efficient than the Canyon/Colorado V6 thanks to technologies like Direct Injection and Cylinder Deactivation, with:

  • 10.8 L/100km Highway
  • 12.5 L/100 km City
  • 11.7 L/100km Combined

Speed & Performance

Thanks to a redesigned 3-phase Camshaft, The 2.7L Turbo 4-cylinder engine delivers outstanding fuel efficiency as well as high performance, with an acceleration time of 6.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, outperforming the older 4.3L V6 and 4.8L V8 found in previous model years.

Additional Technologies

Variable Valve Timing

Adjusts the timing of valve lift to increase performance, fuel efficiency, or air pollution-mitigation.

Direct Injection

Fuel is pumped directly into the combustion chamber to improve fuel-air mixture. This reduces pollution while also improving fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Active Fuel Management

Active Fuel Management (AFM), first developed by General Motors for the 5.3L V8, deactivates half of the cylinders to enhance fuel economy in light duty applications.

3 Phase Camshaft

The intake camshaft has grooves that allow it to move depending on engine demand:

  • “High Lift” mode for better performance.
  • “Low Lift” mode for everyday commuting.
  • “AFM” mode for optimal fuel efficiency.

Book Your Sierra 1500 Test Drive

Visit Gus Brown Buick GMC for your GMC Sierra needs in the Whitby and Durham region. The 2.7L engine offers even better performance than the other engines available in the Sierra 1500 lineup, so come experience the turbocharged power for yourself during a test drive today. Visit our Whitby dealership location to get started.