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Check out our entire Service Department offering here at Gus Brown in Whitby, Ontario. We’ve outlined all the great service and maintenance work we offer here at our service department, so you can see all the work you can schedule for your GMC or Buick vehicle. See our service department offerings below, and schedule your service appointment today.

Lube Oil & Filter

Starting From $84.95 + tax 5W30
Ensure your vehicle's engine is operating smoothly with an oil change. This prevents sludge build-up and helps ensure your engine has a long lifespan. 
  • Reduced operating costs through longer engine life
  • Keeps all internal components lubricated
  • Keeps engine temperature down
  • Prevents sludge build-up within the engine 

0w20 $116.80 + tax
Diesel $140.64 + tax
Diesel 3.0L $200.64 + tax

Wheel Balance

Starting From $115.95 + tax.
Improve your ride quality with a wheel balance. This extends the lifespan of your tires, and provides improved traction and reliability. Tires and Suspension are inspected for damage.
  • All four wheels inspected for damage
  • Stops cupping
  • Stops vibrations
  • Prevents rattles
  • Even tire wear
  • Helps alignment 

2 & 4 Wheel Alignment

Starting From $139.95 + tax.
Ensure your wheels are properly aligned for the best quality handling, traction, and control when you’re behind the wheel. Prolongs the life of your tires as well. 
  • Prevents premature tire replacement
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Prolongs tire wear
  • Ensures safe vehicle control

Brake Inspection

Starting From $70.00 + tax.
Your brakes are vital, so ensure that their condition is well maintained. Our full inspection identifies critical concerns about your braking system. 
  • Prolongs life of rotors, drums, brake pads and shoes
  • Ensures brakes function properly
  • Reduce Operating Costs

Brake Fluid Flush

Starting From $166.95 + tax.
Help keep your entire braking system in optimal working condition by flushing all hoses and lines for your brakes
  • Improves peak performance
  • Prevents premature wear due to internal rust

Wiper Blade Replacement

Your wiper blades are an important safety feature in difficult weather conditions. Swap your wipers when you swap your tires, and protect your windshield from scratches. 
  • Improves driver visibility
  • Protects windshield from scratches

Multi-Point Vehicle Health Check  / Tire Rotation

Starting From $54.95 + tax.
Ensure your vehicle overall is functioning without critical errors and safety hazards thanks to our multi-point check all over your vehicle. 
  • Preventative maintenance helps deter costly breakdowns
  • Provides peace-of-mind that the vehicle has been inspected and that any concerns are addressed
  • Reduces tire wear and extends tread life

Transmission Service

Starting From $205.00 + tax.
We’ll drain and flush your entire transmission, with the fluid replaced after a full inspection of the transmission structure, inspecting for leaks and other damage. This extends the life of the transmission and prevents breakdowns. 
  • Improves performance and prolongs component life
  • Removes harmful debris and oxidized fluid
  • Reduces transmission heat

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Starting from $75.38 + tax.
Prevent dust and pollen from entering the vehicle cabin with your air filter. Filters absorb nearly 100% of dust, pollen, and noxious gases. Change the cabin filter at minimum once per year.
  • Ensures optimum heating and cooling performance
  • Protects the cabin from harmful pollen and dust

Replace Air Filter

Price varies from make and model.
A clogged air filter can increase fuel consumption. Air flow to the engine through the intake is important to the proper function of the vehicle. 
  • Ensures optimum fuel economy
  • Keeps dust and dirt from entering your vehicle's engine

Engine Coolant Service

Starting from $173.94 + tax
We’ll flush the coolant system of the vehicle, and inspect the whole system including hoses, belt, and pressure cap. This increases the safety of the vehicle’s heating/cooling system, saves on long-term costs for future repairs.
  • Clears calcium and rust deposits
  • Reduces operating costs by improving component longevity
  • Increased radiator, heater core, and cooling system protection

Brake Caliper Service

Starting From $75.00 + tax per axle.
Brake calipers are removed from rotors, all mating surfaces and pins are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, extending brake pad life. 
  • Ensures even brake pad wear
  • Cleans debris from calipers and slide pins to ensure optimal performance

Battery & Charging System Test & Replacement

Price varies from make and model.
We test the battery and charging system to prevent a no start condition before it happens. Batteries expire, so it’s important to test and ensure they’re still healthy and can hold a charge. Ensure your peace-of-mind is kept, and know your engine will start with a healthy battery. 
  • Improves vehicle reliability and reduces operating costs. Testing can identify failing components before a breakdown

Spark Plug Replacement

Price varies from make and model.
We replace worn out spark plugs, which is factory required maintenance for your Buick or GMC vehicle. 
  • Ensures peak performance
  • Improves cold starting and fuel efficiency

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If you require vehicle maintenance, trust our team here at Gus Brown Buick GMC, for the best selection of services available to keep your vehicle on the road. Keep your own peace-of-mind while driving, knowing that your vehicle has been serviced by our factory-trained technicians. Contact our dealership today to book your appointment with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.